Straight Hair




A straight hair from cathyscollection is soft and silky and very durable. The hair is easily maintainable

This straight hair is not the one that frizzes easily, which is absolutely perfect for someone who may be looking to get her first human hair or a simple yet elegant and stylish hair.

zero-minimal shedding


100% virgin hair

Natural colour

Hair can last a lifetime with great care

Always wash and condition your hair to keep it lush and healthy.

Use a hairbrush and argan oil

Additional information


12inches 200grams, 14inches 200grams, 16inches 200grams, 18inches 200grams, 20inches 200grams, 22inches 200grams, 24inches 200grams, 26inches 200grams, 28inches 200grams, 12inches 300grams, 14inches 300grams, 16inches 300grams, 18inches 300grams, 18inches 400grams, 20inches 300grams, 20inches 400grams, 22inches 300grams, 22inches 400grams, 24inches 300grams, 24inches 400grams, 26inches 300grams, 26inches 400grams, 28inches 300grams, 28inches 400grams, 28inches 500grams, 30inches 300grams, 30inches 400grams, 30inches 500grams, 32inches 300grams, 32inches 400grams, 32inches 500grams, 34inches 300grams, 34inches 400grams, 34inches 500grams, 36inches 300grams, 36inches 400grams, 36inches 500grams, 40inches 300grams


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