Deep Wave




Cathyscollection deep wave is a TOP GRADE quality hair. The best you can get,it doesnt frizz.

100% virgin hair

Hair can last over 5years with great care

wash and condition your hair to keep is lush and healthy.

Use a big comb, water in a spray bottle and a good leave in conditioner for our daily routine.

zero-minimal shedding





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12inches 300grams, 14inches 300grams, 16inches 300grams, 12inches 400grams, 14inches 400grams, 16inches 400grams, 18inches 300grams, 18inches 400grams, 20inches 300grams, 20inches 400grams, 22inches 300grams, 22inches 400grams, 24inches 300grams, 24inches 400grams, 26inches 300grams, 26inches 400grams, 28inches 300grams, 28inches 400grams, 30inches 300grams, 30inches 400grams, 32inches 300grams, 32inches 400grams


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